SketchParty TV App Reviews

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Very fun and easy to play!

A very fun game for multiple players! Easy to use, easy to set up, and works flawlessly! Love the ability to review the drawings in a completed game and even share them via email or printing. Highly recommend this game!

Great game, needs sound option

Great party game. Works well with new Apple TV and stylus. However, would like an option where audio could come from Apple Music sound. Id like to play party music for the audio option that comes from my Apple Music subscription. Sound effects could overlay. When I open this app, Apple Music is muted or stopped.

Apple TV Killer But Simple App

Ideal for AppleTV. Minus one star for some needs-human-grooming clues, but otherwise exactly what it needs to be.

Tons of Fun!

Our friends came over the other night, and we loaded up Sketchparty on my Apple TV and used the iPad with Apple Pencil to draw. We had so much fun, making fun of each others drawings and guessing. This is one of the best synergies of iPad and AppleTV, and I cant wait to have friends over again to play.

Fun for the whole family!

Great game, my kids really love it. Best feature is the availability of a "kids mode" for limiting the words to those that are easier to draw. This mode is available either through the paid app or via in-app purchases with the free version. Well worth it for the younger players. Also kudos to the developer for lightning quick replies to my basic questions. Dont think twice, go buy it today!!

Old Apple TV? Buy a new one if you want to play

AirPlay works elsewhere, but with this app my screen goes black, unplayable black. Looking for an inexistent display app. Developers advice? Buy the app and a new Apple TV to run it. I think not! Back to pen and paper - they dont need a hardware upgrade to work!

Love This Game!!

We bought an extra Apple TV just to play this on vacation with our friends! It rocks! Enjoy; gūt stuff!!

Great game to play in person with friends!

If you have friends coming over soon, get this game and set it up with your Apple TV. Its so much fun!...especially if you have an iPad for the drawing part.

Awesome family fun!

We needed something to do on a hot Saturday night and couldnt decide. I remembered this game and thought it was worth $6 to give it a try. We had a total blast! Drawing on the iPad Pro and watching on the 4th Gen Apple TV is genius, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Highly recommended for family fun or party game!!

Needs some work

At first I was ok with paying the $4.99 for the app because it looked like fun. However, after purchasing it and downloading it on all of my families devices, I found out that we cannot each use our own device. It is a pass and play game so we have to use just one device. It would be so much easier if we could all use our own phones instead of having to pass them around the room the whole time. Also, there are some other bugs that need worked out. The color chooser wont slide over right, and there is too much in the middle of the screen that blocks the view of what is being drawn. Fix these, and Id be willing to give it a higher rating.

Great app!

This is really a good app! Fun and has a lot of options...


Great app. Super fun. Need some new music

Hilarious fun!

I played this with my family and my father in law over thanksgiving and we all had so much fun. Great game to bring families together.

Just right

This app gets everything right. But what would make it crazy-awesomer is if they moved the five dots of progress to somewhere else that doesnt block our view of drawings. Cmon. Poor design right there.

NYE fun

Downloaded this game and had a blast with 6 friends. We did two teams first then at the end, passed the iPad around and one person would draw and all others guessed. That was a blast.

Ideal to play with several people

This is just easy to use, to connect to the tv and good for all ages. Have had and still have a lot of fun with it. Enjoy it.

Really fun - a few minor bugs

We played this as a group of 10 during a party and it was a huge hit. We used a Cosmonaut stylus and everyone really enjoyed playing. The game is nearly perfect, but there were a few minor issues. The app crashed a couple of times and also dropped the airplay mirroring connection twice over a 2 hour period. One big thing that needs fixing is repeating words (I see that the dev said a fix was coming but that was in October...) All in all, worth the $5 for a bunch of party fun.

A great party game

My 12 year old daughters birthday party was the perfect time to try this out. They had a screaming blast playing it for hours. Its a steal at twice the price!

Great app and good showcase for Apple TV

This is a fun win, lose or draw game and the Apple TV app is a great compliment to an iPad! Good party game for the holidays

Well crafted

Good interface, connectivity & plenty of laughs

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